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NCL Rules



1   The competition will be called the NORFOLK CRICKET LEAGUE [hereafter referred to as the NCL].
2   The NCL shall be governed by a General Committee consisting of a Chairman and two Representatives from each Club, only one of whom shall have the power to vote [i.e. 1 vote per Club].
3 a The General Committee shall elect an Executive Committee (EC) to manage the affairs of the NCL. The EC shall consist of the following specific posts: Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Welfare Officer, Results Secretaries plus up to 4 other members. The EC may appoint a President and Vice Presidents to the EC.
  b A club may be represented on the EC by more than one member, but only one may vote.
  c The EC shall be a maximum of 12 members, and at least half must be present to form a quorum.
  d The EC may form sub-committees to deal with specific tasks as required.


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